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Allergy: Adult Comprehensive Panel (Phadia)

Allergy: Adult Comprehensive Panel (Phadia)

Includes: 41 Parameters



Test Details (Parameters included : 41)

Parameter No. of Parameter


Allergy: House Dust Mite D2, Allergy: Cat Dander/Epithelium, Allergy: Dog Dander/Epithelium, Allergy: Soyabean, Allergy: Milk, Allergy: Shrimp, Allergy: Bermuda Grass Pollen, Allergy: Cockroach, Allergy: Aspergillus Fumigatus , Allergy: Common Ragweed Pollen, Allergy: Codfish, Allergy: Rice, Allergy: Wheat, Allergy: Phadiatop Adult (> 5 years), Allergy: Egg Yolk, Allergy: House Dust Mite D1, Allergy: Chicken Meat, Allergy: Gluten, Allergy: Peanut, Allergy: Alternaria Alternata/Tenius , Allergy: Johnson Grass Pollen (Jowar), Allergy: Acacia Babool, Allergy: Elm Tree Pollen, Allergy: Mesquite Tree Pollen , Allergy: House Dust Greer, Allergy: Cabbage, Allergy: Baingan, Allergy: Green Pepper, Allergy: Cauliflower, Allergy: Chick Pea, Allergy: Salmon, Allergy: Nettle Weed Pollen, Allergy: Garlic, Allergy: Onion, Allergy: Cheese Cheddar, Allergy: Celery, Allergy: Mustard, Allergy: Eucalyptus Tree Pollen, Allergy: Mosquito ( Aedes Communis), Allergy: Almond , Allergy: Coconut



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